Run Ambassador Karen Barrett

It’s with “enormous enthusiasm” that we introduce you to the Lost World Trail Festival run ambassador Karen Barrett.

Karen's journey has taken her from homelessness and a two pack a day cigarette habit (Winnie Reds) to becoming an elite ultra-marathon runner. To top it off, she’s an inspirational running and athletics coach, assists with working dog rescue groups and has a passion for helping "kids in care".

Not to mention the hundreds of kilometres that she has clocked up in a mind-blowing list of races.

Her passion for trail running, limitless goals and connection to nature aligns Karen with our team and we are humbled by Karen’s personal and professional achievements.

Thank-you Karen for your willingness to share your story and inspire our runners on what seems like a “walk in the park” for someone like yourself.

Karen’s Story is raw and real, so please take the time to listen to her countless achievements in these podcasts:

You can find Karen at and at the start line in The Lost World.

Karen Barrett 2